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Virgo Progressed into Libra
Modest and shy.
Meticulous and reliable.
Practical and diligent.
Intelligent and analytical.
Fussy and a worrier.
Overcritical and harsh.
Perfectionist and conservative.
The change of Sun sign may occur at a time when the individual is coming to terms with his or her emotional life and needs. If so, it will now be easier for them to show their love and affection, and their natural Virgo modesty will be tempered.

The Libran need for peace and harmony will become evident, and as a result the individual will be able to take a more balanced view of life.

The characteristic neat, businesslike Virgo image may give way to a softer, more romantic look: dark colors and small patterns becoming pastel shades and large, floral designs. Venus' sign placing in the natal chart will assume greater importance, and its influence on the individual will now be more marked.When a Virgo Ascendant progresses into Libra the need to relate in depth to a partner, and to develop a really close and satisfactory rapport with him or her, is strongly enhanced.

If these people are unattached, care must be taken that in their anxiety to express themselves in this way they don't rush into a relationship, ignoring their natural Virgo critical sense.

They will also be able to take a more relaxed view of life, and the whole personality should develop a potential inner calm that will do much to ease away tension, worry and nervous restlessness.

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When a Virgo Sun progresses into Libra, life may be taken a little more easily, and more time may be set-aside for leisure.

More money will probably be spent on simple pleasure. It will be easier for these people to realize they must control their tension, and find ways of doing so.

They will be less hard on themselves and their partners.
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