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Virgo Sun Sign in a Partnership
Modest and shy.
Meticulous and reliable.
Practical and diligent.
Intelligent and analytical.
Fussy and a worrier.
Overcritical and harsh.
Perfectionist and conservative.
Virgoans should strive for the self-confidence, which will allow them to accept compliments gracefully and to believe them.

Although kind and willing to do anything for their partners, their natural modesty can stop them fully expressing both their physical and emotional love. These people may regard sex with suspicion and have difficulty learning to accept it as a happy natural expression of love for their partner.

Virgoans are usually exacting when it comes to neatness and cleanliness, which often stems from a fear of losing control of their environment and the dread of not being able to restore the status quo. They can be terrible nags, which strains many partnerships.

Virgos often love small animals, preferring the unconditional love of a cat or dog to the complicated, more demanding needs of a human being, but if the tendency to be overly critical of a partner can be overcome and Virgos can learn to relax, they can build very rewarding relationships.

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The genuine modesty of the Virgo can appear charming, especially in a young person in love for the first time.

Unfortunately, the real underlying problem of low self-confidence and self-esteem can cause difficulties in relationships. Often the Virgo will over analyze the situation and be affected by negative ideas, thinking perhaps that they are not worthy of the love and affection offered to them.
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