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Virgo - Change, leisure & retirement
Modest and shy.
Meticulous and reliable.
Practical and diligent.
Intelligent and analytical.
Fussy and a worrier.
Overcritical and harsh.
Perfectionist and conservative.
They often enjoy gardening, for they are natural and enthusiastic gardeners. Any decrease of income, provided they have enough for their basic needs, will be greeted with equanimity, as Virgos are careful with their money but they are not devoted to it.

Lack of self-confidence can make changes at work rather difficult to cope with. The Virgo prefers to find a secure position and remain in it for the long haul, rarely venturing into newer or greener pastures without major provocation.

The threat of being fired is frightening and if out of work, they will work tirelessly in their effort to find a new job. Because of their willingness and efforts, they should find work more easily than most, but Virgos are more likely to work for an employer than to be self-employed.

Preferring the security of a definite smaller income to the gamble necessary to achieve greater rewards.

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Virgoans generally look forward to retirement as an opportunity to cultivate and further develop the hobbies they have always enjoyed.
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