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Virgo Sun sign basic personality
Modest and shy.
Meticulous and reliable.
Practical and diligent.
Intelligent and analytical.
Fussy and a worrier.
Overcritical and harsh.
Perfectionist and conservative.
A positive synthesis of these qualities will produce people who are hard working and practical and who will stand no nonsense. The Virgo can then deal sensibly with problems and be more likely to realize they’re full potential.

Virgos are often drawn to a path of service and sacrifice, perhaps in a caring profession and they can appear to be in constant motion due to their abundant nervous energy.

It is vital that this energy finds a positive outlet, otherwise it can manifest in worry and the magnification of the smallest of issues into a major problem. Virgos are generally modest, but need to learn how to center themselves and achieve inner calm. If they don't, tension can be a severe problem, which can lead to nervous upsets.

Worry is at the root of most personal problems for these individuals and the Virgo tendency to over-analyze everything can inhibit them from functioning effectively.

Virgos are talkative, lively in an argument and they enjoy communicating their ideas, which are usually simple and clearly expressed. However, they may have difficulty in seeing the broader picture, which inhibits the scope of their activities.

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Most Virgos are practical, but those who aren't can get caught up in the small details of problems. This can lead to over-critical behavior, which causes difficulties in personal relationships.

They often set exacting standards for themselves, but also have high expectations of others, which can lead to disappointments throughout life.

An extreme manifestation can be relentless, carping criticism, which is the worst Virgo fault. They do usually have a good sense of humor can be quick witted as one might expect from a Mercury ruled sign.
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