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Welcome to Virgo Birthday.
VIRGO BIRTHDAY - Free Monthly Astrology Report and Forecast for Virgo Sun SIgns


You are in an extremely positive position conferring a lofty viewpoint and an inner force that prepares you for the next stage of your growth.

This signifies an extraordinary period in your life in which you may be seduced by drastic ideas or alternating realities.

Follow the beat of a new drummer only if your empathy agrees it is the correct thing to do.

You have a deep desire for some kind of individual freedom.

You may seek out friends, who are avant-garde or seeking release from the unconventional in their social behavior, strictures you see society placing the “cuffs” on you.

The cosmos promises to create exciting times between partners! Romance is highlighted now, and there may be great desire to try something new or go somewhere previously "unknown".

Your thirst for independence and excitement, while a definite boon to any relationship, should not completely dominate your decision-making process.

This is a time of inner tranquility and smooth sailing in relationships. If you are romantically involved, it is a time to experience growth as a couple.

You are awarded with great self-awareness and the ability to articulate your feelings to friends and loved ones. You have a superior understanding of others.

This month underscores the limitations in your cherished relationships. Don't be unjustifiably serious of loved ones.

Planting the seed will intensify love and physical desires today and any relationships started now will be especially intense in a future setting.

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VIRGO BIRTHDAY - Free Monthly Astrology Report and Forecast for Virgo Sun Sign

This allocates a time when you have "lady luck" and may boost finances through speculation or contests. On the other hand, you may also be apt to lose money as quickly as it accumulates and you should take concern in engaging in enterprises, which entail the accruing of many debts.

You may craft undue dismay at the workplace because of the end of a personal relationship. Beneath this transit, you should emphasize the positive aspects of your work and seek company with close connections.

You may experience a gradual suspension of the ties that bind the family together. You should work hard during this time to keep close relatives just that, close.

Also, you may tend to control the family setting in order to secure domestic tranquility that may be vulnerable during this period.

This is a time of great sensuality and longing for love. You are both attractive to the opposite sex and may have the likelihood of making many new friends.

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